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Champagne 4 All

Champagne 2013

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Sing with us at Hope Island/Helensvale

“Champagne 4 All” is also the name of a quartet by our members:

2012 SingFest C4A-GenikK 10

Helen Francis, Owen Buckley, Sally Purbrick-Illek, Gunther Illek


Champagne on Demand – We Can Do It

Postoffice Kokomo

Champagne – here as a Trio – full-fills a request at a Gold Coast Post Office – Happy Birthday with a Caribbean Medley .

Customers’ comment: Thank you so very much! I’ve seen the video and the photo. That was brilliant, exactly what we wanted. Thanks again!!

Michael's 70 07

And an other happy customer celebrating his Birthday with “Champagne”